class chainer.serializers.NpzDeserializer(npz, path='', strict=True, ignore_names=[])[source]

Deserializer for NPZ format.

This is the standard deserializer in Chainer. This deserializer can be used to read an object serialized by save_npz().

  • npznpz file object.
  • path – The base path that the deserialization starts from.
  • strict (bool) – If True, the deserializer raises an error when an expected value is not found in the given NPZ file. Otherwise, it ignores the value and skip deserialization.
  • ignore_names (string, callable or list of them) – If callable, it is a function that takes a name of a parameter and a persistent and returns True when it needs to be skipped. If string, this is a name of a parameter or persistent that are going to be skipped. This can also be a list of callables and strings that behave as described above.


__call__(key, value)[source]

Loads an object from this deserializer.

This is equivalent to obj.serialize(self).

Parameters:obj – Target object to be serialized.