Source code for chainer.links.activation.prelu

from chainer.functions.activation import prelu
from chainer import link

[docs]class PReLU(link.Link): """Parametric ReLU function as a link. Args: shape (tuple of ints): Shape of the parameter array. init (float): Initial parameter value. See the paper for details: `Delving Deep into Rectifiers: Surpassing \ Human-Level Performance on ImageNet Classification \ <>`_. .. seealso:: :func:`chainer.functions.prelu` Attributes: W (~chainer.Variable): Coefficient of parametric ReLU. """ def __init__(self, shape=(), init=0.25): super(PReLU, self).__init__(W=shape)
[docs] def __call__(self, x): """Applies the parametric ReLU activation function. Args: x (~chainer.Variable): Input variable. Returns: ~chainer.Variable: Output of the parametric ReLU function. """ return prelu.prelu(x, self.W)