Source code for chainer.links.connection.embed_id

from chainer.functions.connection import embed_id
from chainer import initializers
from chainer import link

[docs]class EmbedID(link.Link): """Efficient linear layer for one-hot input. This is a link that wraps the :func:`~chainer.functions.embed_id` function. This link holds the ID (word) embedding matrix ``W`` as a parameter. Args: in_size (int): Number of different identifiers (a.k.a. vocabulary size). out_size (int): Size of embedding vector. initialW (2-D array): Initial weight value. If ``None``, then the matrix is initialized from the standard normal distribution. May also be a callable that takes ``numpy.ndarray`` or ``cupy.ndarray`` and edits its value. ignore_label (int or None): If ``ignore_label`` is an int value, ``i``-th column of return value is filled with ``0``. .. seealso:: :func:`chainer.functions.embed_id` Attributes: W (~chainer.Variable): Embedding parameter matrix. """ ignore_label = None def __init__(self, in_size, out_size, initialW=None, ignore_label=None): super(EmbedID, self).__init__(W=(in_size, out_size)) if initialW is None: initialW = initializers.Normal(1.0) initializers.init_weight(, initialW) self.ignore_label = ignore_label
[docs] def __call__(self, x): """Extracts the word embedding of given IDs. Args: x (~chainer.Variable): Batch vectors of IDs. Returns: ~chainer.Variable: Batch of corresponding embeddings. """ return embed_id.embed_id(x, self.W, ignore_label=self.ignore_label)