Source code for chainer.links.loss.crf1d

from chainer.functions.loss import crf1d
from chainer import link

[docs]class CRF1d(link.Link): """Linear-chain conditional random field loss layer. This link wraps the :func:`~chainer.functions.crf1d` function. It holds a transition cost matrix as a parameter. Args: n_label (int): Number of labels. .. seealso:: :func:`~chainer.functions.crf1d` for more detail. Attributes: cost (~chainer.Variable): Transition cost parameter. """ def __init__(self, n_label): super(CRF1d, self).__init__(cost=(n_label, n_label))[...] = 0 def __call__(self, xs, ys, reduce='mean'): return crf1d.crf1d(self.cost, xs, ys, reduce)
[docs] def argmax(self, xs): """Computes a state that maximizes a joint probability. Args: xs (list of Variable): Input vector for each label. Returns: tuple: A tuple of :class:`~chainer.Variable` representing each log-likelihood and a list representing the argmax path. .. seealso:: See :func:`~chainer.frunctions.crf1d_argmax` for more detail. """ return crf1d.argmax_crf1d(self.cost, xs)