Source code for chainer.links.loss.negative_sampling

import numpy

from chainer import cuda
from chainer.functions.loss import negative_sampling
from chainer import link
from chainer.utils import walker_alias

[docs]class NegativeSampling(link.Link): """Negative sampling loss layer. This link wraps the :func:`~chainer.functions.negative_sampling` function. It holds the weight matrix as a parameter. It also builds a sampler internally given a list of word counts. Args: in_size (int): Dimension of input vectors. counts (int list): Number of each identifiers. sample_size (int): Number of negative samples. power (float): Power factor :math:`\\alpha`. .. seealso:: :func:`~chainer.functions.negative_sampling` for more detail. Attributes: W (~chainer.Variable): Weight parameter matrix. """ def __init__(self, in_size, counts, sample_size, power=0.75): vocab_size = len(counts) super(NegativeSampling, self).__init__(W=(vocab_size, in_size)) self.sample_size = sample_size power = numpy.float32(power) p = numpy.array(counts, power.dtype) numpy.power(p, power, p) self.sampler = walker_alias.WalkerAlias(p) def to_cpu(self): super(NegativeSampling, self).to_cpu() self.sampler.to_cpu() def to_gpu(self, device=None): with cuda._get_device(device): super(NegativeSampling, self).to_gpu() self.sampler.to_gpu()
[docs] def __call__(self, x, t, reduce='sum'): """Computes the loss value for given input and ground truth labels. Args: x (~chainer.Variable): Input of the weight matrix multiplication. t (~chainer.Variable): Batch of ground truth labels. reduce (str): Reduction option. Its value must be either ``'sum'`` or ``'no'``. Otherwise, :class:`ValueError` is raised. Returns: ~chainer.Variable: Loss value. """ return negative_sampling.negative_sampling( x, t, self.W, self.sampler.sample, self.sample_size, reduce=reduce)