class chainer.configuration.LocalConfig(global_config)[source]

Thread-local configuration of Chainer.

This class implements the local configuration. When a value is set to this object, the configuration is only updated in the current thread. When a user tries to access an attribute and there is no local value, it automatically retrieves a value from the global configuration.



Prints the config entries.

The entries are sorted in the lexicographical order of the entry names.


file – Output file-like object.


You can easily print the list of configurations used in the current thread.

debug           False
enable_backprop True
train           True
type_check      True
__eq__(value, /)

Return self==value.

__ne__(value, /)

Return self!=value.

__lt__(value, /)

Return self<value.

__le__(value, /)

Return self<=value.

__gt__(value, /)

Return self>value.

__ge__(value, /)

Return self>=value.