class chainer.utils.CooMatrix(data, row, col, shape, requires_grad=False)[source]

A sparse matrix in COO format.

  • data (numpy.ndarray or cupy.ndarray) – The entries of the matrix. The entries are usually non-zero-elements in the matrix.
  • row (numpy.ndarray or cupy.ndarray) – The row indices of the matrix entries.
  • col (numpy.ndarray or cupy.ndarray) – The column indices of the matrix entries.
  • shape (tuple of int) – The shape of the matrix in dense format.
  • requires_grad (bool) – If True, gradient of this sparse matrix will be computed in back-propagation.

See also

See to_coo() for how to construct a COO matrix from an array.



Returns a dense matrix format of this sparse matrix.