class, unit)[source]

Trigger invoked at specified point(s) of iterations or epochs.

This trigger accepts iterations or epochs indicated by given point(s). There are two ways to specify the point(s): iteration and epoch. iteration means the number of updates, while epoch means the number of sweeps over the training dataset. Fractional values are allowed if the point is a number of epochs; the trigger uses the iteration and epoch_detail attributes defined by the updater.

  • points (int, float, or list of int or float) – time of the trigger. Must be an integer or list of integer if unit is 'iteration'.
  • unit (str) – Unit of the time specified by points. It must be either 'iteration' or 'epoch'.



Decides whether the extension should be called on this iteration.

Parameters:trainer (Trainer) – Trainer object that this trigger is associated with. The updater associated with this trainer is used to determine if the trigger should fire.
Returns:True if the corresponding extension should be invoked in this iteration.
Return type:bool