class chainer.DictSummary[source]

Online summarization of a sequence of dictionaries.

DictSummary computes the statistics of a given set of scalars online. It only computes the statistics for scalar values and variables of scalar values in the dictionaries.



Adds a dictionary of scalars.

Parameters:d (dict) – Dictionary of scalars to accumulate. Only elements of scalars, zero-dimensional arrays, and variables of zero-dimensional arrays are accumulated. When the value is a tuple, the second element is interpreted as a weight.

Creates a dictionary of mean values.

It returns a single dictionary that holds a mean value for each entry added to the summary.

Returns:Dictionary of mean values.
Return type:dict

Creates a dictionary of statistics.

It returns a single dictionary that holds mean and standard deviation values for every entry added to the summary. For an entry of name 'key', these values are added to the dictionary by names 'key' and 'key.std', respectively.

Returns:Dictionary of statistics of all entries.
Return type:dict