class<function save_npz>, **kwds)[source]

The most simple snapshot writer.

This class just passes the arguments to the actual saving function.

  • savefun – Callable object. It takes three arguments: the output file path, the serialized dictionary object, and the optional keyword arguments.

  • kwds – Keyword arguments for the savefun.


__call__(filename, outdir, target)[source]

Invokes the actual snapshot function.

This method is invoked by a Snapshot object every time it takes a snapshot.

  • filename (str) – Name of the file into which the serialized target is saved. It is a concrete file name, i.e. not a pre-formatted template string.

  • outdir (str) – Output directory. Corresponds to Trainer.out.

  • target (dict) – Serialized object which will be saved.


Finalizes the wirter.

Like extensions in Trainer, this method is invoked at the end of the training.

save(filename, outdir, target, savefun, **kwds)[source]