Gets a trigger object.

Trigger object is a callable that accepts a Trainer object as an argument and returns a boolean value. When it returns True, various kinds of events can occur depending on the context in which the trigger is used. For example, if the trigger is passed to the Trainer as the stop trigger, the training loop breaks when the trigger returns True. If the trigger is passed to the extend() method of a trainer, then the registered extension is invoked only when the trigger returns True.

This function returns a trigger object based on the argument. If trigger is already a callable, it just returns the trigger. If trigger is None, it returns a trigger that never fires. Otherwise, it passes the value to IntervalTrigger.


trigger – Trigger object. It can be either an already built trigger object (i.e., a callable object that accepts a trainer object and returns a bool value), or a tuple. In latter case, the tuple is passed to IntervalTrigger.


trigger if it is a callable, otherwise a IntervalTrigger object made from trigger.