class, trigger=(1, 'epoch'))[source]

Trigger invoked when specific value becomes maximum.

For example you can use this trigger to take snapshot on the epoch the validation accuracy is maximum.

  • key (str) – Key of value. The trigger fires when the value associated with this key becomes maximum.

  • trigger – Trigger that decides the comparison interval between current best value and new value. This must be a tuple in the form of <int>, 'epoch' or <int>, 'iteration' which is passed to IntervalTrigger.



Decides whether the extension should be called on this iteration.


trainer (Trainer) – Trainer object that this trigger is associated with. The observation of this trainer is used to determine if the trigger should fire.


True if the corresponding extension should be invoked in this iteration.

Return type


__eq__(value, /)

Return self==value.

__ne__(value, /)

Return self!=value.

__lt__(value, /)

Return self<value.

__le__(value, /)

Return self<=value.

__gt__(value, /)

Return self>value.

__ge__(value, /)

Return self>=value.